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Hello, and welcome to my website. My name is Kyle Marlin, and I'm anything from a software engineer to a website designer. Right now, I working as a software engineer at the The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center - Technical Development Center. I'm assuming that if you're here, you received a resume or a business card of mine, and you'd like to find out more about me. I'll keep it brief here, but you can find more out about my professional history here.

Most of my past experience has been developing and/or designing large websites, and I've also done quite a bit of application, web service, and database development over the years too. I love working on a team, and I have no problem taking charge of a situation when a benefit can be gained from it. After working for several companies in all sorts of different environments, I've accumulated a decent knowledge in over 20 different languages. I'm a former Googler too.

In my free time, I enjoy doing the same things that I do in my professional life - writing code to help make life easier. For example, I'm presently working on building a home security and automation system. Not only do I continually learn from doing this, but I enjoy all the benefits of a completed project.

Personally, I'm pretty laid back, but that doesn't mean that I don't see things to completion on time. Everywhere I go, I'm always trying to lighten the mood. I'm friendly with a great sense of humor, and I enjoy and can appreciate a good joke. In the end, the most important thing to me is that I've lived a happy life and had a good time doing it. Thus far, I'm on track.


Software Engineer
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Technical Development Center
Pittsburgh, PA
2014 - Present
Programming language(s): Angular Ruby on Rails HTML5 (via HAML & JADE) CSS3
Automation language(s): Protractor Selenium
Database language(s): Oracle
As part of a team of contractors and full time employees working inside the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's Technical Development Center (now part of UPMC Enterprises), I worked to build a new patient portal to help facilitate patient interactions with their doctors. This new patient portal was built solely with responsive design in mind, and a mobile-first approach. I had the unique opportunity of working alongside the amazing team at Bearded, who specialize in responsive front-end design, and who have completely changed the way I think about front-end design. At UPMC, I worked closely with the lead designer to assist with wireframes and other design needs, and would frequently assist QA teams with testing. Often, I would perform code reviews for both development and QA staff. This was an agile environment, so we worked as an agile team participating in SCRUM. I frequently suggested methods and other agile frameworks to help improve productivity.
Technical Solutions Specialist
Google, Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA
2013 - 2014
Programming language(s): Classic ASP ASP.NET Python HTML JavaScript
Database language(s): MSSQL MySQL
During my time as a Technical Solutions Specialist at Google, I had some excellent opportunities to dive into languages both familiar and unfamiliar to me. My primary role was to help facilitate a transition of a recently acquired company, Channel Intelligence. Channel Intelligence works with retailers and manufacturers to optimize product listing advertisements and improve the advertisement data quality, all in order to provide a better return on investments for spent advertising dollars. When Channel Intelligence was acquired by Google, their software had to be converted into a language allowable in Google's data centers. I worked as part of a team that analyzed large amounts of data to determine the most useful parts of the application. I would frequently write up presentations and executive reports to convey key points in the results. I also frequently responded to bugs and design changes in the application, and also performed design changes for clients in shopping advertisements that were displayed on their website.
Software Programmer / Database Developer
ECS Tuning, Inc.
Wadsworth, OH
2013 - 2013
Programming language(s): Perl PHP VB VB.NET HTML JavaScript CSS
Database language(s): MySQL
Service(s): JSON
As a programmer and database developer at ECS Tuning, I worked to increase the functionality of both internal systems and an external website. ECS Tuning is an international European automotive parts store that boasts a multi-million part inventory, and has made all of it's programming endeavors internally, with a moderately-sized on-site programming team that manages countless internal websites and tools and a massive external website. As a part of their team, I designed improvements to several internal and external systems, mainly in Perl and front-end languages. This environment was particularly database heavy, which lead to me developing several quite extensive SQL scripts that I remain proud of today. I pioneered a system that allowed customer service to give gift cards to inconvenienced customers, assisted management in tracking all gift cards, allowed customers to buy both physical and electronic gift cards, and generated reports daily, and on the fly. I also had the opportunity to develop a company-wide communication system that worked to manage workflows and facilitate the handling of bugs, products, and employee responsibilities.
Software Developer
Empyra, Inc.
Youngstown, OH
2012 - 2013
Programming language(s): VB VB.NET Classic ASP ASP.NET C# C#.NET PHP HTML JavaScript jQuery CSS
Database language(s): MSSQL
Services: SOAP
As a software developer at Empyra, I worked as part of a team with several ongoing projects. Most of their projects were marketed towards government entities and colleges, and were mainly designed to assist government entities and colleges with workforce and case management solutions written in .NET languages. Empyra's software offered a way for government staff to match unemployed persons with available jobs, and for those staff members to manage their case. In addition, I also worked on a project to support colleges matching college students and recent graduates with available jobs. I was also given a distinct responsibility to lead development on a government workflow management tool to handle all the various steps of housing demolition, which included meeting with various government officials for knowledge transfer and intelligence gathering. Also at Empyra, I gained my first experience in developing web services and building various database integrations, and had to design them to handle and manipulate extraordinarily large amounts of data.
Website Developer
Youngstown State University
Youngstown, OH
2009 - 2012
Programming language(s): PHP ColdFusion HTML JavaScript CSS
Database language(s): MySQL
At Youngstown State University, I was a website developer, and during the last year and a half at this position, I was acting in a lead role. I was originally brought on to assist with a transition between a large amount of web servers hosting individual websites for every department and college in the university to a single content management system. After the transition was complete, the university retained me on as an employee to help with design work and for some other programming endeavors. I worked with the university's marketing team and designers to design front end templates for the entire website. I also had the privilege of being assigned a special task to create an entire internal content management system. Occasionally, I would assist the marketing department with video support for university commercials as well.
Certified Lead Computer Technician
Circuit City Stores, Inc.
Boardman, OH
2006 - 2009
Programming language(s): VB C#
Scripting language(s): Batch
Prior to my professional start as a software engineer, I worked at Circuit City for several years prior to them going out of business. There, I was a certified lead computer technician, and I worked on behalf of customers to resolve even the most complex computer and other device issues. Also while there, I would occasionally sell computers, and perform pre-use service on the machines. There were inefficiencies with how Circuit City's technician's tools functioned, and I would frequently write code to improve productivity and to drastically increase efficiency. I commonly submitted these changes to the corporate office, which would occasionally approve changes and send them out to all technicians. Towards the end, when Circuit City was going out of business, my responsibilities transitioned primarily to a customer service role. In addition to customer service, I worked heavily in the warehouse, stocking, organizing, and processing products, and occasionally worked as a loss prevention officer immediately before closing the store permanently.
Website Engineer / IT Consultant
Comprehensive Psychiatry Group, Inc.
Boardman, OH
2007 - Present
Programming language(s): PHP HTML JavaScript jQuery CSS
Database language(s): MySQL
Over the many years, I've done occasional work at Comprehensive Psychiatry Group, including making them a website, performing data analysis, designing forms, setting up the office infrastructure and additional general IT consulting. Their website was one of the biggest undertakings that I've done for Comprehensive Psychiatry Group, as they had required both internal and external systems. Almost equally large of an endeavor was setting up the office infrastructure, which included researching computer and server models and network infrastructure, writing up purchase agreements, and setting up and interconnecting all of the devices. I also have been quite helpful in setting up large, advanced math spreadsheets, and have set up databases for problems better handled with databases. With all this information organized, I would then perform data analysis.


Youngstown State University
Youngstown, OH
2008 - 2013
Bachelor of Science in Applied Science:
Major: Computer Information Systems
Minor: Management Information Systems
Graduated Cum Laude
Awarded Dean's List
Member of Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges


Flattening Internet Topology: Modeling a Better Internet Through Classical Analysis
Presented at:
The National Conference on Undergraduate Research event at Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY which took place March 31, 2011 to April 2, 2011.
The National Conference on Undergraduate Research event at Weber State University in Odgen, UT, which took place March 29, 2012 to March 31, 2012.
Research conducted at: Youngstown State University
Available downloads: Abstract (Link) Abstract (PDF)
Securing Nuclear Reactors and Other Trustworthy Systems from Cyber Attacks
Presented at:
The Team for Research in Ubiquitous Secure Technology (TRUST) event at University of California, Berkeley in Berkeley, CA which took place June 7, 2010 to July 30, 2010.
The STEM College Showcase event at Youngstown State University in Youngstown, OH which took place April 10, 2011.
Research conducted at: University of California, Berkeley for TRUST, a part of the National Science Foundation.
Available downloads: Paper (PDF) Poster (PDF)
Youngstown State University: Xbox LIVE: Could you be at risk while playing online?
Presented at:
The National Conference on Undergraduate Research event at Ithaca College in Missoula, MT which took place April 15, 2010 to April 17, 2010.
The Computing Alliance of Hispanic-Serving Institutions’ event at Microsoft in Redmond, WA, which took place April 5, 2010 to April 7, 2010.
QUEST: A forum for Student Scholarship's event at Youngstown State University in Youngstown, OH, which took place April 6, 2010.
Research conducted at: Youngstown State University


Currently, I have two resumes, each highlighting my core focus areas: Front End Resume Back End Resume


I'm most easily reachable via my email address, That said, I can still be reached on my phone at (330) 532-8525, but my turnaround time is admittedly not as fast as I would prefer it to be.
I can also be found on LinkedIn, if that's more of a preference for you.